Key Theories of Ferdinand de Saussure (2008) - John Lechte briefly describes Saussure's linguistic theory and how it differs from previous schools of thought in linguistics. From Fifty Key Contemporary Thinkers From Structuralism To Post-Humanism (2nd ed.).


Geoffrey Bennington on Derrida and Deconstruction (2017) - Geoffrey Bennington's lecture is an accessible introduction to Derrida's ideas about deconstruction, starting with the paradigms of linguistics he was responding to; it presumes no prior knowledge of Derrida's work or its background.

Since Derrida (2022) - Peter Salmon situates Derrida among phenomenologists as well as the modern French philosophers he later inspired.



Structure, Sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences (1966) - Derrida's critique of structuralism later became central to the popularity of poststructuralism and deconstruction in the United States.


Embarrassing Ourselves (2016) - Geoffrey Bennington shows why you shouldn't bother with the 2016 English translation of Of Grammatology.



Derrida and the trouble with metaphysics (2022, limited monthly access) - Peter Salmon describes how Derrida's debt and response to Edmund Husserl demonstrates the impossibility of "going beyond metaphysics." (The essay is also readable here.)


Return to Cinder (last accessed 1/20/2023) - Someone set up a database of concepts and terms from Derrida's work. (Apparently this site does not work so well on Firefox.)


"Eating Well": Jacques Derrida on Subjectivity (2015)

"Eating Well", or the Calculation of the Subject: An interview with Jacques Derrida (1988)

The Animal That Therefore I Am (More to Follow) (2002) (see also full book here)

Beastly Politics: Derrida, Animals, and the Political Economy of Meat (2015)

Convention and Meaning: Derrida and Austin (1981)

10. Deconstruction I (2009)

11. Deconstruction II (2009)

Deconstruction and Différance (2006)

Derrida and Posthumanism (I): From Sign to Trace (2020)

Derrida and Posthumanism (II): The Animality of the Trace (2020)

Derrida and Posthumanism (III): The Technicity of the Trace (2020)

Derrida and Words (2018) (see transcript here)

Derrida's Biography and Bibliography (last accessed 1/22/2023)

The Ends of Man (1993)

An Interview with Jacques Derrida on the Limits of Digestion (2009)

Jacques Derrida - On being (2002)

Jacques Derrida Loves This Banana Bread (2022)

Jacques Derrida - On being - Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Kofman, Zeitgeist Films (October 23, 2002)

Logocentrism (last accessed 1/22/2023)

The Object of Study (1983)

The Passion for the Animal in Derrida: Following the Steps of an Outlaw (2020)

Politics of Deconstruction (2016)

Saussurean Structuralism (2016)