Try to see it my way... (2006) - Mark Hudson's description of a 2006 art exhibition on Documents highlights Bataille's troubled relationship with Surrealism.


Bataille on Psychological Structure of Fascism (2020) - Shannon Bell explains the historical context of "The Psychological Structure of Facsism," focusing on the homogeneous, the heterogeneous, and sovereignty. (Warning: the audio is very loud and harsh, and only works on the left side)

Erotic Exuberance: Bataille's Notion of Eroticism (2017) - Thomas Minguy explains the relation of Bataille's Eros to (dis)continuity, death, transgression, sovereignty, and the sacred.

Introduction to Georges Bataille (1979) - John Brenkman connects the essay to class struggle of the 1930s, gift economies, and Bataille's thinking on fascism.



Documents (1929-1930)

The Use Value of D. A. F. de Sade (1930)

The Solar Anus (1931)

The Notion of Expenditure (1933)

The Psychological Structure of Fascism (1933)

Acéphale (1936-1939)

The Accursed Share (1949)

The Cruel Practice of Art (1949)

Erotism: Death and Sensuality (1957) - This book’s title is sometimes spelled Eroticism.

Literature and Evil (1957)

Georges Bataille: Literature and Evil (1958) - Bataille explains to interviewer Pierre Dumayet the significance of the book's title, the relationship of literature and evil, and its connections with Erotism.


Georges Bataille: The Dark Soul of the Night (2018) - Andrew Kuiper argues that Bataille's insights (namely from Theory of Religion) are relevant to Catholic thought.

Georges Bataille's Experience (2018, limited monthly access) - Michael Mocatta connects sovereignty, the sacred, the horizontal and vertical axes, and internal and external experiences to mental health and recovery.

Sovereign Disregard: On Bataille's Accursed Share (2020) - Timothy Lavenz describes Bataille's account of sovereignty in volume 3 of The Accursed Share and contrasts it with today's worship of celebrities and finance.


Georges Bataille - Oeuvres complètes and other French collections; English translations (last accessed 11/11/2022) - Stuart Elden has compiled a list of Bataille's writings and where to find their English translations.


À perte de vue - André S. Labarthe (1997)

Bataille: Nietzche or Communism? An Interview with Stuart Kendall and Acid Horizon - Stuart Kendall and Acid Horizon (May 20, 2022)

Bataille's "The Solar Anus" or the Parody of Parodies - Leslie Anne Boldt-Irons, Studies in 20th Century Literature (2001)

Black Bataille - Aria Dean, November (2021)

Eroticism by Georges Bataille - Mark Price, Philosophy Now (2004)

Georges Bataille and the Continuity of Life - Michael Zemel, Blue Labyrinths (December 1, 2021)

Georges Bataille's Erotism: Libertinism, Religion, and Death - Moses May-Hobbs, The Collector (October 23, 2022)

When Bataille Attacked the Metaphysical Principle of Economy - Jean Baudrillard, Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory (December 1, 1991)