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Nokturnal Mortum

Updated June 3, 2022

Other names: Suppuration (1991-1993), Crystaline Darkness (1993-1994), Nocturnal Mortum (1994-1995), Nokturnal Mortum (1995-present) 1

Some of Nokturnal Mortum's songs, especially in their early albums, contain Nazi themes and violently antisemitic lyrics. One example is "The Call of the Aryan Spirit," written by Knjaz Varggoth for the 1999 album Nekhrist': 2

Spit in Jewish faces, cut them into pieces

Let them choke with their lie

Let the woods grow up on their corpses, only white man's power!


Let every step on our land turn for damnation on Jews!

White power, you have to destroy of useless tribes

Under your glorious obsession!

Because they are not people,

They are worms whose mission is only parasitism

Let the Aryan spirit support us!

The war is sacred! Total war!

Encyclopaedia Metallum writes that since 2014, "the band has claimed to have distanced themselves from the racist/political themes of their earlier lyrics, though since then they've continued to play at NSBM shows." 3

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