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Sketchy Metal

This is an ongoing list of artists, bands, labels, and venues with NSBM, RAC, and other far-right connections. The absence of a band from this list does not mean they are "clean."

Pushing back against the far right in metal - or in any other music genre - is crucial to prevent the spread of propaganda and acceptance of fascism in society. Here are some good reads about the topic:

No one from the Thought Police is going to break down your door and arrest you for liking or listening to these bands. Most metal fans are not fascists and do not want to be associated with them. This list is for fans and other people who want to make informed decisions about which bands they support.

Content warning: Some of the material presented on these pages may be disturbing for readers. It is only shown for the sake of understanding.

The Shitlist


Nokturnal Mortum