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About things that do things for us.

How to not waste your life on the internet

Center for Humane Technology - movement to reduce negative influence of pervasive tech on our lives

NoSurf - resources compiled from r/nosurf (yes, reddit)

lEaRn To CoDe

Dr. Chuck Online - lessons on Django, Python, and more

W3 Schools - HTML reference



10 Minute Mail - free, anonymous, temporary email service

Forward Email - free tool for creating email aliases

Have I Been Pwned - check if your email or phone number have been compromised in a data breach


OSINT Framework - open-source doxxing intelligence tools


LibreWolf - privacy-oriented custom version of Firefox

Prism Break - opt out of global data surveillance programs - "ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software"

Science and technology studies

Critical Tech

Awesome Critical Tech Reading List - "opinionated reading list for the critical programmer"

Tech Won't Save Us - podcast of critical technology studis

History - BBS archive and history