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Pure ideology. sniff


Comics With Problems - strange historical comics

German Propaganda Archive - Nazi and East German propaganda translated into English


Atlanta Community Press Collective - writers' collective focused on "radical education and empowerment of autonomous movements" in Atlanta, Georgia

Black Women Radicals - collective dedicated to "uplifting and centering Black women and gender expansive people’s radical political activism"

Center for a Stateless Society - "left market anarchist think tank and media center"

Hampton Institute - proletarian socialist think tank

Othering & Belonging Institute - interdisciplinary team at University of California, Berkeley researching targeted universalist strategies

The Platypus Affiliated Society - "reading groups, public fora, research, and journalism" for the Left

Sick of It! - disabled activists for prison abolition


The Anarchist Library - free library of anarchist and related texts

Marxists Internet Archive - transcribed and translated Marxist and related texts


The Baffler - left-wing political criticism

Ceasefire - magazine of "radical ideas"

Hypocrite Reader - "biannual leftist magazine of useful, unexpected writing"

Ill Will - political journal

International Socialist Review - archived socialist journal - libertarian communist website posting activist tools, news, and readings

Le Monde diplomatique - independent French news journal

The New Inquiry - magazine on various social issues

Notes From Below - socialist publication dedicated to workers' inquiry

Socialist Studies - journal about "social, economic, and/or political injustice, and practices of struggle, transformation, and liberation"

Unavoidable Disaster - periodically updated chaotic pastiche of information on current events

YES! Magazine - nonprofit "solutions journalism"