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Good Articles

Against Effective Altruism - Alice Crary, Radical Philosophy (Summer 2021)

The Arctic Suicides: It's Not the Dark That Kills You - Rebecca Hersher, NPR (April 21, 2016)

Five Geek Social Fallacies - Michael Suileabhain-Wilson, Plausibly Deniable (December 2, 2003)

I'm Black and Afraid of "White Fragility" - Cedrick-Michael Simmons, The Bellows (June 22, 2020)

It Is Journalism's Sacred Duty To Endanger The Lives Of As Many Trans People As Possible - Editorial Board, The Onion (February 17, 2023)

It's Not An Easy Thing To Admit When You're Wrong, And That's Why I Won't Do It - Bob Lansdown, The Onion (January 7, 2019)

Rediscovering the Small Web - Parimal Satyal, (May 25, 2020)

Rock Against Anything: How Metal Became So Fucking Reactionary And What To Do About It - R.M. Temin, Toilet ov Hell (March 27, 2018)

What the "grievance studies" hoax actually reveals - Daniel Engber, Slate (October 5, 2018)