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— LARP —

Nordic Larp Wiki - information about a distinct style of LARP games that originated in the Nordic countries

— Other games —

The Yellow Car Game - "official" site with rules

— TTRPGs —


5th Edition System Reference Document - rules for D&D 5th edition published by Wizards of the Coast and shared under an OGL 1.0 license

D&D 5e Random Character Generator - exactly what it sounds like

Giffyglyph - D&D 5e homebrew

The Spheres 5e Wiki - OGL-based resource by Kobold Press to supplement and/or replace the combat and magic systems of the 5e SRD

Indie TTRPGs

The Free RPG Blog - championing free pencil-and-paper RPG material


Archives of Nethys - official materials for Pathfinder 1e and 2e as well as Starfinder

Pathbuilder 2e - phone- and web-based apps for creating, planning, and tracking Pathfinder 2e characters

Pathfinder 2e Character Generator - simple generator of 1st-level Pathfinder 2e PCs

— Tools —

AnyDice - dice probability calculator

— Vidya —

Boatmurdered - hilarious and infamous Dwarf Fortress Let's Play

Game Studies - international journal of computer game research