Here are links pertaining to some of my strange episodic fixations.

(Note: I only add a topic to this list once I have acquired enough links about it.)

Ancient Near East

ETANA - open access sources on the ancient Near East

List of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies - exactly what it sounds like

Oracc - open and annotated corpus of cuneiform


The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature - catalogue of over 400 literary works composed in the Sumerian language

eneruru - forum and resources for Mesopotamian studies

The Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary - exactly what it sounds like

The arts

• Caligari

• Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute

• e-flux

• Exploding Appendix



• Stanley Kubrick


• Sea Green Zines

• Zine Making

Biblical studies

The Bible and Critical Theory - journal on exactly what it sounds like

Bible Summary - daily summaries of Bible chapters on Twitter

Biblical Bibliographies and Related Material - bibliographies maintained by Charles Conroy

Is That in the Bible? - blog for one layperson's interest in biblical studies


Church Fathers Scripture Search Engine - cross-reference of Bible passages with the writings of the Church Fathers

Larry Hurtado's Blog Archived - archived posts from a leading scholar of early Christology and textual criticism

Marcion - software for studying Gnostic and early Christian texts

The Postmodern Quaker - blog by George Amoss Jr.

Quaker Religious Thought - journal of Quaker theology

Quaker Studies - another Quaker journal

Quaker Theology - yet another Quaker journal

Saints' Books - quotes and full texts written by saints


The Gnostic Society Library - primary documents, audio lectures, and notes pertaining to the Gnostic tradition

Marcion - software for studying Gnostic and early Christian texts


Ancient Jew Review - news about thes tudy of ancient Judaism

Jewish Bible Quarterly - the only "Jewish-sponsored English-language journal devoted exclusively to the Bible"

Sefaria - Jewish texts for study and interpretation - Torah study informed by academic scholarship

Critical theory (not otherwise specified)

Blue Labyrinths - essays on philosophy and society

• Critical Times

• CTheory

• e-flux

• Introductory Guide to Critical Theory

Mark Fisher ReBlog - articles and essays by Mark Fisher

The New Centre for Research and Practice - seminars for independent scholars and learners

Cultural studies

Inscriptions - journal of the Center for Cultural Studies at University of California, Santa Cruz

Lateral - journal of the Cultural Studies Association

Deleuze and Guattari

Rhizomes - journal of "migrations into new conceptual territories resulting from unpredictable juxtapositions"

Webdeleuze - lectures and more by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze


The Marxists Internet Archive - transcribed and translated Marxist and related texts

Subset of Theoretical Practice - "research group that is currently engaged with developing a new approach to Leftist political thinking"


No Subject - encyclopedia of Lacanian psychoanalysis


Arisbe - resources on the life and work of Charles Sanders Peirce

Commens - digital companion to Peirce

Semiotics for Beginners - guide by David Chandler

Signo - topics in applied semiotics


• Crutches and Spice

• Disability Studies Quarterly

• Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research

• Sick of It!


• Citation Matters

• The Dark Mountain Project

• Emergence Magazine

• Gothic Nature Journal

• Indigenous Climate Action

• The Institute of Queer Ecology


ACME - "international journal for critical geographies"

Cartographic Perspectives - open journal about cartography and geographic visualization

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) - reading list and other resources on critical GIS

Esri Academy - Esri's MOOCs on using its own ArcGIS software, some of which are free

Free GIS Data - exactly what it sounds like

GIS Jobs Clearinghouse - exactly what it sounds like

GRASS GIS - open source GIS software with lessons

OSGeo - website of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation

QGIS - free and open source GIS software with extensive documentation

QGIS Tutorials and Tips - exactly what it sounds like

Spatial Thoughts - "learning platform for modern geospatial technologies"

Transport geography

The Geography of Transport Systems - online version of an educational book by Jean-Paul Rodrigue


Adbusters - “international collective […] smashing ads, fighting corruption and speaking truth to power”

• Atlanta Community Press Collective

• Ceasefire

• Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society

• Freire Project

• Institute for Social Ecology

• Unavoidable Disaster

• YES! Magazine


• The Anarchist Library

• Center for a Stateless Society


• Chick Publications

• Comics With Problems

• German Propaganda Archive


• Black Women Radicals

• Invert Journal


• Digital Transgender Archive

• Florence Ashley

• Lee Leveille

• Reclaiming Trans

• Trans Safety Network


• The Baffler

• Hampton Institute

• Ill Will

• International Socialist Review


• The Marxists Internet Archive

• New Compass

• Notes From Below

• The Platypus Affiliated Society

• Protean Magazine

• Socialist Studies

• Subset of Theoretical Practice


American Sign Language



• The Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary

Morbid realities


• Survivor Library


• The Collective for Radical Death Studies

• Queer Death Studies Network


• U.S. Drought Monitor


• How Bad Is Your Streaming Music?


• Astral Noize

• This Is Black Metal

The non- and post-human

Nonhuman animals

• Animal Studies - Suggestions for Reading

• Corey Lee Wrenn, Ph.D.

• The Medieval Bestiary


• Journal of Posthumanism

• The Posthumanities Hub

• Posthumans

The occult

• Internet Sacred Text Archive


Aeclectic Tarot - lists of Tarot, Lenormand,a nd Oracle decks with reviews

• Nietzschemanteion


• Academy of Masonic Knowledge

Academic study

• The Campbell Bonner Magical Gems Database

• Correspondences

• Esoterica

• European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism


• O.T.O. U.S.A. Library

• Thelemic Union

Other free stuff


2012 Book Archive - archive of some books with Creative Commons licenses, freely downloadable


• Bulbagarden

• Database & Calculation Tools for Pokémon Black & White

• Marriland

• Pokémon Showdown


• Nuzlocke Generator

• Nuzlocke University

• Pokémon Nuzlocke Tracker



10 Minute Mail - free, anonymous, temporary email service

• Forward Email


• How to Get On

The rest of the world

• Studia Orientalia Electronica


• 闯 Chuǎng

• Critical China Scholars

• Reading the China Dream

• Sounding Islam in China


• Eidolon


• AnyDice

• The Free RPG Blog


Dungeons & Dragons

• D&D 5e Random Character Generator

• Fast Character

• Giffyglyph

• The Spheres 5e Wiki


• Nordic Larp Wiki


• Archives of Nethys

• Pathbuilder 2e

• Pathfinder 2e Character Generator



• Worldbuilding Magazine


• Glyph Drawing Club